News from the Reading Department

To learn about the Whitehall-Coplay School District's Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII) process, please read an informational brochure.


Read Naturally

This program is for students who are able to decode words but need to improve their rate of reading. It also helps to develop comprehension skills and build vocabulary. In this program student choose their own stories on their own level of reading. They are timed by the teacher, listen to the story, and practice reading the story until they reach their goal. They are then timed by the teacher again. After they are able to read the story accurately at the appropriate rate, they answer questions about it and write a summary of it.

Another version of this program is available for our ESOL students.


This Comprehension program is for students whose reading is fluent but who still have difficulty understanding what they read at a level below their own grade level. This program focuses on the comprehension strategies of predicting/inferring, monitoring/clarifying, visualizing, questioning, making connections, and summarizing to help students learn to get a basic understanding of material they are reading. Students in this program read nonfiction texts to practice using the 6 strategies. The program is based on a gradual release of responsibility model. The first step is direct instruction, as the teacher demonstrates these researched-based comprehension strategies. Students listen to a core text and learn how to use the strategies, as students engage in peer- supported or shared reading and understanding. After practicing these strategies , the student works with a text independently in order to implement comprehension strategies as needed for better understanding of the text.