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March Classroom Activities Spotlight

The classes of Mrs. Girardi, Mrs. Kellerman, Mrs. Kocher and Mrs. Mondschein  participated in Read Across America week, during the week of February 28 to March 4, 2022. An assortment of activities ranging from creative writing, art, math, and language arts were enjoyed. Students immersed themselves in literature and connected with their classmates and kindergarten buddies to extend their experience. They celebrated the many stories Dr. Seuss has written, and had fun reading and rhyming throughout the week!

Mrs. Hudak's Kindergarten class celebrated "Twosday, 2/22/22 '' in a very special way by wearing tube socks, tutu's, 2 necklaces, t-shirts, ties, and two hats! They spent the day coming up with different ways to make two and twenty-two. Also they skip counted by 2's to 100. It was a workout! The class had so much fun on this special day!

Mrs. Grube's Kindergarten class was very busy at home creating Leprechaun traps with their families in the month of March.  The little Leprechauns have been up to their old tricks and making a mess in our classroom! This Kindergarten class is trying their best to outsmart these sneaky Leprechauns. The students tested out their Leprechaun traps in school on March 17th! Mrs. Grube's friends will then be Authors and Illustrators. They will write about the Leprechaun traps and if it was a success or better luck next time! They will draw what happened as they tried to catch the Leprechaun in the trap.  These Kindergarten friends will be very LUCKY if they outsmart those green little guys! 

 Mrs. Heilner’s class was busy reading and writing “ar” words which made them sound like pirates!  The students participated in pirate themed writing and reading activities, such as a pirate themed book report, writing about “My Journey on a Pirate Ship,'' creating treasure maps, and hunting for “ar” words.  They were excited to explore this pirate theme as they increased their reading skills.